Advanced Carbon Engineering Pty Ltd was established to bring technical expertise to industry from years of knowledge and experience

Advanced Carbon Engineering

Advanced Carbon Engineering Pty Ltd (“ACE”) is focused on delivering engineered solutions to a range of industry sectors including energy, aerospace and mobility.

With local knowledge and extensive network, we have significant experience in developing projects from initial ideas to reality, and working with companies to successfully deliver project outcomes.

Our expertise is in the design and manufacture of carbon dioxide absorbers, electrolysers for renewable hydrogen production and carbon dioxide to deliver low-carbon solutions towards decarbonisation of heavy industries.

  • Support initial scoping and definition stages – with our network of suppliers and industry knowledge to ensure the projects utilize appropriate technologies and process steps tailored to the company’s objectives. This involves workshops, discussions with suppliers, desktop modelling and initial cost estimates to help determine optimum/preferred project structure.
  • Prepare design and technical documentation – for both tendering and permit phases. With our vast experience to draw upon in supporting a robust set of documentation, we ensure that the project obtains required permits, and suppliers are clear in their scope of work and supply requirements.
  • Facilitate permitting – includes siting, liaising with relevant authorities at all levels of governments and seek phased permit process to keep within project timeframes.
  • Manage budgets and program delivery – we ensure suppliers meet their agreed cost estimates and timeframes by tracking performance throughout the project delivery.
  • Construct and operate – experienced in managing construction and operation, we identify and engage reliable local contractors according to project requirements.
  • Bring scientists and engineers together – charting the course for implementation from the lab to the real world.
  • Leverage the power of digital technologies and solid engineering foundations in providing innovative solutions.
  • Adopt strategies to mitigate risks – turning innovation into action.